Cliff Stritch, President

President of IGI, Cliff is also one of the founders of IGI. Before starting IGI in 1969, Cliff’s experience in software programming and degrees in physics and computer design led him to form Man/Machine Interface, a software business. As the need for photolithography grew in the late 1960s, Cliff saw a lack of precision phototools to serve the growing industry and Infinite Graphics Incorporated was born. Today, Cliff is known as a precision photolithography leader and an “industry consultant.” He sees advances in technology as opportunities to find innovative photolithography tools that take new developments to the next level.



Rob Larsen, Vice President of Engineering

With degrees in physics and mathematics, Rob leads the creation of customized solutions for our customers. Rob joined IGI in 1984 and has held numerous roles managing CAD designers, operations and product engineering. Rob contributes to leading-edge engineering capabilities for IGI customers while keeping his eye on the next-generation technological advances in photolithography.



Joe Kaas, Senior Engineer and IT Manager

Joe is an IGI visionary who has contributed to the evolution of photolithography for more than 25 years. He joined IGI in 1981 as a plotter operator. Building on his physics and computer science degrees with experience, Joe moved into positions as senior programmer, senior engineer and IT department lead. He provides solutions for both internal and external customers that meet not just today’s challenges, but tomorrow’s.



Steven Jones, Operations Director

Steven leads the production quality programs that ensure every product we ship deserves the IGI stamp of quality. Steven has more than 25 years of experience leading successful production, technical and quality assurance teams. Before joining IGI in 2007, Steven spent five years as Manager of Operations for ATMI Packaging, a leader in ultra-pure packaging and dispense systems for semiconductor chemicals. Prior to ATMI, Steven spent 23 years with Eastman Kodak companies, most recently as Operations Manager for Kodak Processing Labs in Minneapolis.




Andy Kaske, Senior Sales Representative

Andy came to IGI as a senior sales engineer with a background as an applications engineer. With a degree in physics and the ability to devise engineering solutions for IGI visionary customers, Andy helps create phototooling strategies for ideas and applications requiring precision imaging. Prior to joining IGI, Andy started and ran a technologies services business.



Byron Lubenkov, Senior Sales Engineer

Byron joined IGI in 2015 as a Senior Sales Engineer. He works with our customers in the areas of precision photomasks, 3D nanostructure fabrication and CAD imaging software  to improve design time, fabrication, and the bottom line. His previous experience includes advanced sensors and manufacturing systems.