More Precise, More Reliable Photomasks

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High-quality precision photomasks are essential for university researchers, electronics manufacturers, and application visionaries. IGI has been creating masks for over four decades, redefining precision optical technology to meet advances in technology.

Expertise That Transcends Application and Industry

For unique size applications requiring large area masks, we create designs up to 32 inches. For bumpmasks requiring a one-day turnaround, we understand that speed, precision, and quality are critical. And on mission-critical projects, we can be your trusted source to uphold the highest compliance standards. Whatever the project, IGI’s commitment to quality and reliability has stood the test of time. You can rely on IGI to be your off-site photomask provider and collaborator in innovative design.

Contact our talented design engineering team to assist you with engineering, data services, photoplotting, and any size custom photomask design.