9.00 ParCAM EXT Release Speeds Up Your Work Flow

Automatically create and place callout labels for the features you pick in a job. Find zero width geometry in a job, report findings interactively and zoom to the locations as you step through the report. These are a couple of the new editing features of IGI’s 9.00 version of ParCAM and EXT products.  This version has  over 30 enhancements including Windows® 10 support for 32 and 64-bit systems, and AutoCAD®  2018 support for input/output using AutoDesk RealDWG® technology.  

Early time tests for v 9.00 showed improvements of 30%-200% on computationally intensive tasks such as reading in data, Redraw, Area Calculation, Generate Soldermask Expose, Netlist Extract, Test Point Elimination and Polygonize Layers.

For EXT, IGI’s well-established netlist extract software, the new Quick Net Layer stepping feature helps you visualize how the picked nets travel through the layers by keeping picked nets emphasized as you go. Version 9.00 supports IPC-D-356B inputs and outputs.

The new features and increased speed of v 9.00 were designed boost your productivity. For questions, upgrade or purchase, contact us at swsales@igi.com or support@igi.com.