A Better Way to Edit Stencil Apertures to Customer Spec.

Build an edit specification.

Do you make the same aperture edit over and over again? Recalculating for each case and each rotation? In each job?

We think there is a better way. More than just one better way.

In 2015, Gen Stencil made it easy to apply consistent edits to apertures by rule, using their unique component footprints to apply edits automatically. But sometimes your edit schemes are more broad. For example, change all 0402s to a homeplate, reduce width and length, and radius the corners. Or set pad widths for all fine pitch ICs to 45% of their pitches.

IGI added a feature called Specifications to handle edits just this way: applying sets of edits to groups of features.Edits are applied according to your spec., on the whole stencil, consistently and at any rotation.

Build a Specification by pairing aperture filters with edits. Arrange them by priority and select an overwrite status. Then, make all the edits with the push of a button – now, and later for the next job.

We’ve found the Specifications feature to be so useful, we’re moving it up front and giving you more powerful options. In the 2.04 release, due out in July, you can maximize your automatic edits from the start. You choose the way that works best for your jobs — rule based or running specifications – or maybe a combination of both.

Learn more about editing stencil apertures automatically to your specification. swsales@igi.com