IGI Announces Release of v 2.10 Gen Stencil and PT

Version 2.10 of IGI’s Gen Stencil and PT software offers increased processing speed, and new ways to automate stencil edits with Specification and Filtering enhancements. Gen Stencil also offers further boosts to documentation with custom spreadsheet reporting and Auto Labeling enhancements.

Simplify other data processing with enhanced Mirror/Rotate/Scale, Polygonize Layer and other editing features. Version 2.10 also addresses industry trends toward high layer jobs. Some highlights of versions 2.00- 2.10 include:

Gen Stencil Enhancements and New Features

Solder Paste Extraction – from data on the Signal and Solder Mask layers.

Match original geometry corners (rounded or chamfered), for edits that change or adjust aperture shapes.

Shape change edits with corner matching.

Named Non-Parametric Edits and Named Full Edits provide new aperture editing functions. Run a series of commands (log file) to perform an edit, or replace geometry with a post file.

Spreadsheet Reports of Stencil Data – create custom or standard reports directly from the job data.

– Filter data for reports, as desired.
– Includes actual counts, Area/Aspect ratios, volumes, areas, and much more, calculated from the job.
– Sample template and variable files are included for faster startup.
– Supported with Auto Labeling. See our September 2018 post on Reports and Auto Labeling.

Specifications and Filters have been enhanced, making filter-based edits more convenient.

– Now run Specifications from the start of the Gen Stencil process, enabling the application of edits, without individual component — rule assignments from the selected Rule Location Level.
– Original method of running Specifications after rule assignment by Rule Level is still available.
– Specifications are automatically updated with Edit Rule or Filter changes.
– Review Filters are now included for common tasks. For example, show only components with Area & Aspect Ratio Violations.
– Tolerance options were added for Filters which use numerical values in their criteria.

Significant speed enhancements for some edits and smoother processing of Specifications.

A sample Stencil job is now included with the software.

Editor Enhancements and New Features (PT and Gen Stencil)

High Layer Count — Editing supports up to 999 manufacturing layers, for a total of 1022 unique graphical layers.

Unpick Tool – to undo the previously picked features in any order.

Pick Filter Tool – improved filtering of polygons at any orientation or rotation.

Mirror/Rotate/Scale — new options simplify placement of the transformed features, and give control over the scaling of polygons.

Colored Background Option for Layer List Columns – set them up to quickly identify layers of a given contrast or type.

3 of 9 Barcode — new options for controlling fill size, overlap, shape, and Group Attribute assignment.

Register Layer – option for more control over how the command works.

Automation – New commands and function added.


AutoCAD 2018 DXF/DWG support.

Enhancements were made to ODB++, RS-274X, and Label File Inputs, as well as ODB++ Output.

IGI PT and Gen Stencil run on Windows® 7-10 Pro, with 32 or 64-bit OS.

You can find tutorials on the IGI Software Tutorials channel on YouTube. Check out our Resources page for additional support materials and direct links to specific tutorials and product demos.