IGI Announces Release of v 9.10 ParCAM EXT

We are pleased to announce the 9.10 release of the ParCAM EXT Family of Products.

This version looks to the future as we increase processing speed, simplify your processes with Auto Label and Mirror/Rotate/Scale enhancements, and address industry trends toward high layer jobs. Some highlights of version 9.10 include:

High Layer Count — Editing supports up to 999 manufacturing layers, for a total of 1022 unique graphical layers.

Netlist Extract and Adjacency Calculation Speed Enhancements — Testing showed these processes ran 2.4 to 4.2 times faster than 9.00, depending upon the data.

Editor Enhancements and New Features:

Unpick Tool – enables you to undo the previously picked features in any order.
Pick Filter Tool – improved filtering of polygons at any orientation or rotation.
Mirror/Rotate/Scale — new options simplify placement of the transformed features, and give control over the scaling of polygons.
Auto Label – enhancements to the automatic positioning and spacing of callout labels.
Colored Background for Layer List Columns – designed for quick recognition of different layer contrasts or types.
3 of 9 Barcode — new options for controlling fill size, overlap, shape, and Group Attribute assignment.
Register Layer – option for more control over how the command works.

Kelvin Resistance Calculation – now available for single sided boards. The process was simplified with the elimination of the Calculate Barrel Resistance option.

Enhancements to ODB++, RS-274X, and Label File Inputs, and to ODB++ Output.

Automation – New commands and function added.

You can find tutorials on the IGI Software Tutorials channel on YouTube. Check out our Resources page for additional support materials and direct links to specific tutorials and product demos.