IGI Decreases Processing Time and Improves Handling with Gen Stencil Version 1.44

The use of CDR16 Technology, combined with advanced internal program development, has significantly improved the speed of operations in areas such as reading in data, Area Calculation, Generate Soldermask Expose, Generate Solder Paste Stencil and Component Server Startup. While improvements vary by system processor types and the process being run, early time tests showed speeds improved 30% -200%.

Built in filtering for components becomes a powerful tool when paired with edit rules, to create Specifications which are tailored to your customer’s requirements. Specifications can be applied with a click, and those edits are consistently and automatically finished. Implementing an IGI Rule Server to manage edit rules, filters and specifications brings new speed, flexibility and control to multi-user systems. Named edits provide a new way to substitute geometry, or run a series of commands to edit non-parametric geometry or full components.

A new Data Separation feature handles those multiple layer output tasks with the same speed and consistency of any other edit rule assignment. Options to create extents box layers and offsets, as well as component geometry layers, combined with the review and adjustment tools, make this kind of data separation a breeze.