IGI Embraces Innovative CDR12 Technology to Further Distinguish Its Generate Solder Paste Stencil Software

The latest version of Infinite Graphics Incorporated’s Stencil Generation software, Version 1.32, uses advanced technology to provide Area Ratio and Aspect Ratio calculations for stencil apertures on the fly. Out-of-spec apertures are flagged during editing, enabling you to rework them immediately.

CDR12 Technology offers an enhanced recognition of component footprints at all angles. Free Angle Edits enable a wider range of edit rules to be applied to angled geometry globally.

In addition to your customized set of edit rules, which create stencil geometry from your component data, Version 1.32 offers an editing tool that takes it steps further. The Full Component Editor strengthens the stencil editing even further by accommodating special cases.

These new features of Version 1.32, offer greater reliability, flexibility and consistency, significantly reducing editing and delivery time to customers.