Infinite Graphics Incorporated (IGI) Calibration Masks Accommodate Large Size Requirements

Calibration Mask

Minneapolis, MN  USA – Infinite Graphics Incorporated (IGI) has produced a wide variety of calibration masks used by manufacturers to calibrate their Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs).  These phototools can vary in size from 0.3” x 0.3” all the way up to 32” x 32” depending on the specific requirements.  All calibration masks produced by IGI are guaranteed to be NIST traceable ensuring the customer pinpoint accuracy and total reliability.  The ability to do large calibration masks (32” x 32”) puts Infinite Graphics Incorporated in a unique position to offer a product that can be difficult to find.

IGI offers a wide range of substrates and coatings.  Substrate offerings include: soda lime, fused silica, quartz, borosilicate, BK7, sapphire, opal glass and Mylar®.  Coating offerings include: iron oxide, chrome (bright and anti-reflective), aluminum and emulsion.  Easy release coatings include: X-301 and SLP-10.  IGI is even willing to customize substrates as well as work with customer provided substrates, if necessary.

“Our ability to produce a 32” x 32” calibration mask is really worth mentioning because many companies cannot offer that service,” Rob Larsen, Infinite Graphics Incorporated’s Vice-President of Engineering, states directly.


“All of our calibration masks are NIST traceable and we complement these high quality standards with outstanding customer service, delivery time and ongoing customer support.”

About Infinite Graphics Incorporated:

Infinite Graphics Incorporated (IGI) is a total solutions precision graphics company serving the engineering, manufacturing and R & D marketplaces for over four decades.  World-class design and manufacturing solutions provided by IGI include precision imaging on film, glass and custom flat or curved substrates, 3D microstructures, industry renowned data clean-up, phototooling software and custom turnkey systems.  IGI markets its services and diverse line of software products to electronics, biological and MOEMs markets worldwide.