Infinite Graphics Incorporated (IGI) Invests to Expand its Leadership Position in the Medium Area Mask (MAM) Market

Minneapolis, MN USA – Infinite Graphics Incorporated, a recognized global leader in the Medium Area Mask (MAM) market, purchased a state-of-the-art Heidelberg Volume Pattern Generator (VPG), a large area lithography system. The technology offers substrates up to 800 x 800 mm, structures down to .8um and an address grid down to 20nm. The company also upgraded two Direct Write Lasers (DWL) imaging systems bringing the total to four imaging systems in Minneapolis and two in Singapore.

“To offer quicker turn with smaller features, smaller defects and cleaner masks, we also purchased two additional Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) systems giving us a total of five inspection systems in Minneapolis and another semiconductor quality MAM cleaner,” Clifford Stritch, Infinite Graphics Incorporated’s CEO, states directly. “These new systems will find sub-micron defects on masks to 14” and one micron defects on larger masks to 24” x 32”. The AOI can inspect to CAD data, compare die to die or inspect to design rules.”

Pete Maitland, Infinite Graphics Incorporated’s Sales Manager, views this investment as a whole rather than as individual parts.

“What this means from a sales perspective for us is that we now have a second complete line that allows us to service our customers with smaller features, tighter tolerances and cleaner masks in much quicker fashion. There are very few competitors that can match this capability and we look forward to providing these services to new and existing customers as a result of this investment.”

About Infinite Graphics Incorporated

Infinite Graphics Incorporated (IGI) is a total solutions precision graphics company serving the engineering, manufacturing and R & D marketplaces for over four decades. World-class design and manufacturing solutions provided by IGI include precision imaging on film, glass and custom flat or curved substrates, 3D microstructures, industry renowned data clean-up, phototooling software and custom turnkey systems. IGI markets its services and diverse line of software products to electronics, biological and MOEMs markets worldwide.