Infinite Graphics Joins MEMS Industry Group

Minneapolis, MN October 1, 2015 – Infinite Graphics Incorporated (IGI) announced today that IGI has become a member of the MEMS Industry Group.  Currently, IGI serves the precision digital imaging engineering needs of many MEMS and MOEMS device manufacturers, suppliers and foundries. Infinite Graphics enables customers to develop new innovations in MEMS design, manufacture and application.

“The Infinite Graphics team is excited to explore new collaborations with MEMS Industry Group members,” said Cliff Stritch IGI CEO. “MEMS is an important application area for IGI and we look forward to leveraging our 4 decades of experience working with MIG members on new projects.”

Infinite Graphics has several divisions that support various phases of MEMS development – Photomask & Phototooling, 3D Patterning & Sculpting, and Imaging Software. IGI has new MEMS-related initiatives launching in 2015 including the NanoSculpt™ 3D Sculpting Solution Suite. NanoSculpt provides customers in industries such as Medical, Optics and Security with advanced nano/microstructure technologies and techniques. IGI customers can add unique dimension and surface textures using precision imaging and easily create textured molds. Some of the unique NanoSculpt capabilities include imaging large areas up to 800mm2 and 100 micron feature depths.

“We are excited to have Infinite Graphics join the MEMS Industry Group,” said Karen Lightman, Executive Director, MEMS Industry Group. “Much like other members, IGI will utilize its membership to help drive innovation throughout the MEMS and sensor supply chain.”

About Infinite Graphics Incorporated:

Infinite Graphics Incorporated (IGI) is a total solutions precision graphics company serving the engineering, manufacturing and R & D marketplaces for over four decades.  World-class design and manufacturing solutions provided by IGI include precision imaging on film, glass and custom flat or curved substrates, 3D microstructures, industry renowned data clean-up, phototooling software and custom turnkey systems.  IGI markets its services and diverse line of software products to electronics, biological and MOEMs markets worldwide. Website: