Infinite Graphics Launches NanoSculpt 3D Solutions

Minneapolis, MN October 20, 2015 – Infinite Graphics Incorporated (IGI) announced today the global availability of their NanoSculpt™ 3D Solution Suite for creating advanced 3D nano/micro sculptures and patterns. NanoSculpt provides the technology and tools to create unique geometries and surface textures using precision imaging that can be used to generate hardened molds for volume manufacturing. IGI Customers can now prototype their designs using direct imaging on various surfaces for 3D nano/microstructure generation and quickly transform ideas into new products. Some of the unique NanoSculpt capabilities include large standard substrate areas up to 800mm2 and 100 micron feature height.

The NanoSculpt 3D Solution Suite detailed information and datasheet can be found here.

“The Infinite Graphics team is excited to be working with innovative companies around the world on NanoSculpt projects,” said Cliff Stritch IGI CEO. “There is almost no image area too large for IGI to handle. We take pride in making seemingly impossible applications possible.”

Infinite Graphics is working with customers in application areas such as MEMS, Medical, Optics, Security, and Metrology to create structures such as Micro Lens Arrays, Microfluidic Channels, and Optical Waveguides. IGI can provide nano/micro sculpted or patterned shims, molds, stamps, and custom surfaces for imprinting, embossing and other processes.

By using NanoSculpt 3D Solutions microscopes will catch more detail, lighting will reflect more effectively, semiconductor photoresist definition will be more controlled, and replicating patterns will be more efficient. These are just a few ways NanoSculpt 3D imaging technology is making an impact on prototyping and high volume production. Contact IGI for more information.

About Infinite Graphics Incorporated:

Infinite Graphics Incorporated (IGI) is a total solutions precision graphics company serving engineering, manufacturing and R & D marketplaces for over four decades.  World-class design and manufacturing solutions provided by IGI include precision imaging on film, glass and custom flat or curved substrates, 3D microstructures, industry renowned data clean-up, phototooling software and custom turnkey systems.  IGI markets its services and diverse line of software products to electronics, biological and MOEMs markets worldwide. Website: