Infinite Graphics Launches Stensys Software Platform

Minneapolis, MN February 12, 2015 – Infinite Graphics Incorporated (IGI) announced today they have launched the Stensys™ Software Platform that enables Solder Stencil Manufacturers and Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) companies to accelerate their stencil generation process, improve revenues, and reduce costs.  In many cases, IGI customers have realized up to an 80% time reduction in stencil generation data preparation and documentation.

“The Infinite Graphics team is excited to bring this new software platform to our customers,” said Cliff Stritch IGI CEO. “We have been incorporating the feedback from our Gen Stencil customers to create a customizable End-to-End solder stencil design software solution that drives a high financial return.”

IGI’s current Gen Stencil™ software has been helping Stencil and EMS companies dramatically accelerate data preparation and documentation that drives faster delivery times, improved yields, and increased profit margin.  The new Stensys Software Platform is a set of modules that that can be combined and customized to meet unique customers’ requirements. The main Stensys Platform software modules are:

  • Flow Stencil – This module automates the entire Stencil design and documentation process. Job Input, Layers and Layout, Attributes and Info, Check Plots, and Stencil Generation.
  • Spec Stencil – This module provides the ability to add rules and specification data by customer, job and component level. The ability to assign information to every unique job and customer specifications in the Stensys Database means consistency, repeatability, higher yields and satisfied customers.
  • Gen Stencil – The industry leading IGI CAD Engine is the heart of the Stensys Platform providing a robust CAD environment using a Library-based architecture.
  • Fab Stencil – This module provides the tools for stencil layout, markings, stencil manufacturing data and documentation generation.

The Stensys Platform is available now and additional information is on the Stensys web page.  To save time and money on your Stencil process call 612-728-1314 to get started now.

About Infinite Graphics Incorporated:

Infinite Graphics Incorporated (IGI) is a total solutions precision graphics company serving engineering, manufacturing and R & D marketplaces for over four decades.  World-class design and manufacturing solutions provided by IGI include precision imaging on film, glass and custom flat or curved substrates, 3D microstructures, industry renowned data clean-up, phototooling software and custom turnkey systems.  IGI markets its services and diverse line of software products to electronics, biological and MOEMs markets worldwide. Website: