Accuracy is crucial to your business.

How do you measure up?



Measurement technology requires precise calibration. IGI’s Calibration Masks provided a durable calibration tool for CMM requirements that withstood a long lifetime of high performance use. NIST traceability ensured accuracy.

Calibration Masks
Placement Overlays
CMM Calibration Standards
Reference Grids
Medical Overlays
Placement Overlays
Alignment Overlays

IGI calibration masks were highly precise from the smallest size to the largest size, with NIST traceability as determined by job specifications.

From Small…
Reticles and alignment targets down to 0.3″ x 0.3″. 
To Large…
Large masks up to 812mm x 812mm (32″ x 32″) with high precision and NIST traceability.
With Precision.
Line widths starting at 1µ. Feature to feature positional accuracy down to 0.25µ.

IGI offered a wide range of options for substrates and coatings.

Soda lime, fused silica, quartz, borosilicate, BK7, sapphire, opal glass and Mylar®. 
Image coatings:
iron oxide, chrome (bright and anti-reflective) aluminum and emulsion.
Easy release coatings: X-301 and SLP-10.
Custom substrates, and coatings. Will work with customer-provided substrates.

Our varied experience has become your asset.

For over 40 years, Infinite Graphics provided a wide range of high precision optical calibration mask products for measuring, inspecting and positioning applications in many industries including:

Imaging Equipment
Parts Placement
AOI — Automated Optical Inspection

Our work with other high-precision glass products such as rotary, angular, and ring encoders, precision rules, and glass rings enabled us to provide innovative solutions to complex problems

Customization is still standard for IGI.

Benefit  from our experience. IGI has provided complete solutions in:

  • Engineering Services.
  • CAD expertise.
  • Customized substrates and coating materials.
  • Experienced with small and large masks.
  • NIST calibration and recalibration services.
  • Experienced with common and custom designs.
  • Produced prototypes and manufacturing runs.

Infinite Graphics Incorporated now concentrates on CAD/CAM software in electronics industries such as PCB manufacturing, Solder paste stencil design, semiconductor manufacturing, electrical test and Raster Image Processing (RIP), and other areas requiring precision graphics software. IGI markets its diverse line of software products to electronics industries and markets worldwide. Contact us.