Phototools That Redefine Quality

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IGI redefined imaging for many manufacturers, universities, and inventors for over 40 years. An application-specific perspective and a sophisticated imagination separated IGI from other phototool suppliers.

Prototype and Production

For those who pushed the boundaries of innovation, IGI assisted them in designing and developing prototypes. For those creating efficiencies in production, IGI developed customized solutions to help customers’ products to perform better, faster, and longer.

Committed to Quality

Whether we were producing quick turn around photomasks or designing custom glass substrates, our quality measures and expertise meant that products were developed right the first time.


Infinite Graphics Incorporated now concentrates on providing CAD/CAM software to electronics industries such as PCB manufacturing, Solder paste stencil design, semiconductor manufacturing, electrical test and Raster Image Processing (RIP), and other areas requiring precision graphics software. IGI markets its diverse line of software products to electronics industries and markets worldwide. Contact us.