Cliff Stritch, President

President of IGI, Cliff is also one of the founders of IGI. Before starting IGI in 1969, Cliff’s experience in software programming and degrees in physics and computer design led him to form Man/Machine Interface, a software business. As the need for photolithography grew in the late 1960s, Cliff saw a lack of precision phototools to serve the growing industry and Infinite Graphics Incorporated was born. Today, Cliff is known as a precision photolithography leader and an “industry consultant.” He sees advances in technology as opportunities to find innovative photolithography software tools that take new developments to the next level.


Gary Pontinen

Gary leads software development teams for all IGI products. He joined IGI in 1985, using his Physics and Math degree and Computer Science credentials to design software solutions for our customers in many CAD applications, including AOI, hierarchical editing, netlist extract, electrical test, and solder paste stencil editing. Finding elegant solutions for customers, working through challenges, and utilizing his development team resources to the fullest are special areas of his expertise. “I get a huge kick out of problem solving for our customers, and seeing how their workflow improves with software that IGI developed.”


Mike Fulkerson

Mike plays a vital role in Sales at IGI and also manages the Technical Support dept. He had his first contact with IGI as a software customer in the hybrid ceramic packaging/circuitry industry, and was hired by IGI as an Applications Engineer in 2002. Mike has been providing excellent service to customers as an Applications Engineer, Trainer, and before we knew it, he became Manager of Technical Support. In recent years, Mike has focused on Sales and providing customer solutions in the areas of hierarchical CAD and solder paste stencil generation. Providing just the right software solution to meet unique customer requirements is Mike’s specialty.