IGI Decreases Processing Time and Improves Handling with Gen Stencil Version 1.44

The use of CDR16 Technology, combined with advanced internal program development, has significantly improved the speed of operations in areas such as reading in data, Area Calculation, Generate Soldermask Expose, Generate Solder Paste Stencil and Component Server Startup. While improvements vary by system processor types and the process being run, early time tests showed speeds improved 30% -200%. Read More >>

Infinite Graphics Launches Stensys Software Platform

Minneapolis, MN February 12, 2015 – Infinite Graphics Incorporated (IGI) announced today they have launched the Stensys™ Software Platform that enables Solder Stencil Manufacturers and Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) companies to accelerate their stencil generation process, improve revenues, and reduce costs.  In many cases, IGI customers have realized up to an 80% time reduction in stencil generation data preparation and documentation.


Infinite Graphics Launches NanoSculpt 3D Solutions

Minneapolis, MN October 20, 2015 – Infinite Graphics Incorporated (IGI) announced today the global availability of their NanoSculpt™ 3D Solution Suite for creating advanced 3D nano/micro sculptures and patterns. NanoSculpt provides the technology and tools to create unique geometries and surface textures using precision imaging that can be used to generate hardened molds for volume manufacturing. IGI Customers can now prototype their designs using direct imaging on various surfaces for 3D nano/microstructure generation and quickly transform ideas into new products. Some of the unique NanoSculpt capabilities include large standard substrate areas up to 800mm2 and 100 micron feature height.


Infinite Graphics Joins MEMS Industry Group

Minneapolis, MN October 1, 2015 – Infinite Graphics Incorporated (IGI) announced today that IGI has become a member of the MEMS Industry Group.  Currently, IGI serves the precision digital imaging engineering needs of many MEMS and MOEMS device manufacturers, suppliers and foundries. Infinite Graphics enables customers to develop new innovations in MEMS design, manufacture and application.

“The Infinite Graphics team is excited to explore new collaborations with MEMS Industry Group members,” said Cliff Stritch IGI CEO. “MEMS is an important application area for IGI and we look forward to leveraging our 4 decades of experience working with MIG members on new projects.”


IGI Embraces Innovative CDR12 Technology to Further Distinguish Its Generate Solder Paste Stencil Software

The latest version of Infinite Graphics Incorporated’s Stencil Generation software, Version 1.32, uses advanced technology to provide Area Ratio and Aspect Ratio calculations for stencil apertures on the fly. Out-of-spec apertures are flagged during editing, enabling you to rework them immediately.

CDR12 Technology offers an enhanced recognition of component footprints at all angles. Free Angle Edits enable a wider range of edit rules to be applied to angled geometry globally.

In addition to your customized set of edit rules, which create stencil geometry from your component data, Version 1.32 offers an editing tool that takes it steps further. The Full Component Editor strengthens the stencil editing even further by accommodating special cases.

These new features of Version 1.32, offer greater reliability, flexibility and consistency, significantly reducing editing and delivery time to customers.

Infinite Graphics Incorporated (IGI) Calibration Masks Accommodate Large Size Requirements

Calibration Mask

Minneapolis, MN  USA – Infinite Graphics Incorporated (IGI) has produced a wide variety of calibration masks used by manufacturers to calibrate their Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs).  These phototools can vary in size from 0.3” x 0.3” all the way up to 32” x 32” depending on the specific requirements.  All calibration masks produced by IGI are guaranteed to be NIST traceable ensuring the customer pinpoint accuracy and total reliability.  The ability to do large calibration masks (32” x 32”) puts Infinite Graphics Incorporated in a unique position to offer a product that can be difficult to find. Read More >>

Infinite Graphics Incorporated (IGI) Generate Solder Paste Stencil Software Eliminates Costly Manual Stencil Changes

Minneapolis, MN USA – Generate Solder Paste Stencil is a revolutionary software program that is available as part of Infinite Graphics Incorporated’s Phototooling Toolbox, a highly customizable suite of software solutions that function as a general hierarchical editing tool.

Generate Solder Paste Stencil software finds components and/or devices on a circuit board, integrates an assembly house’s specifications along with a unique customer’s set of design rules and then makes the necessary edits in a highly automated process. The software actually gets “smarter” as the customer uses the program thanks to a component library that tracks each and every project the customer loads into the system, identifying previously encountered components in the next project to speed up the process. Without Generate Solder Paste Stencil, manual edits can take hours or days of expensive engineering time. Thanks to the automation provided by Generate Solder Paste Stencil, it can be seconds for the actual modifications and minutes for review. Read More >>

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