NanoSculpt Solution Suite - 3D Shims

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IGI supplies shims, molds, and inserts for embossing, injection molding, holographic imaging, and other applications for:

  • MEMS
  • Medical electronics
  • Semiconductor
  • Security
  • Other industries

As part of the NanoSculpt™ 3D Solution Suite, IGI can create unique 3D shims for your product needs using the following process:

  • IGI generates your sculptured surface or binary image on any substrate in thick resist.
  • We then create a nickel master.
  • From that master, an inverse copy can be created.
  • From the copy, a reproduction of the original master may be produced.
  • Diverse pattern characteristics are created using grayscale imaging, conventional photolithography and laser interference.

Both micro and nano structures can be achieved in large area format on a flexible nickel shim for your roll-to-roll application. Large repeating nanostructures such as moth’s eye, shark skin, and lotus leaf, as well as custom patterns, can be produced. Patterns can be combined with microstructures to get hybrid optical effects. Both spherical and aspherical lenses of your specified shape and array configuration can be created, up to 100% fill lens arrays. We specialize in random diffusers.

IGI has created many Micro/Nano structures for customers including:

  • Structured surfaces
  • Structured shims
  • Imprinting shims
  • Structured molds
  • Imprinting molds
  • Structured stamps
  • Structured surfaces
  • Nickle stamps
  • Silicon stamps
  • PDMS stamps
  • Polymer stamps
  • Nano imprint templates
  • Anti-reflective micro surface textures

The possibilities are Infinite. To accelerate the development of your 3D project Contact Us today.