IGI’s ParCAM software provides CAD/CAM solutions to the electronics manufacturing industry, focusing on these areas:

  • DRC, producibility analysis, and full-featured editing, with automatic or manual correction of DRC violations and defects (ICE)
  • Input/output for a wide variety of data formats, including RS-274X, RS-274D, DXF, DWG, GDSII, ODB++, DPF, netlist, drill, and more.
  • Panelization, with board stackup, coupon generation, panel layout and panelized outputs.
  • (EXT) Netlist extraction and comparison, adjacency calculation, testing database generation with resistance calculation and outputs.

ParCAM EXT, provides all solutions in one package, or purchase a combination of options, to create a precise solution to meet your requirements. ParCAM Brochure 

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