First of Its Kind Phototool Building, Viewing and Ordering Solution

Trouble finding an editor that fits your application?

phototoolingWindowIGI Phototooling Toolbox is a general hierarchical editing tool for the purpose of producing phototools. This product is ideal for applications in which traditional PCB and IC editing tools are not adequate, such as MEMS, MOEMS, and read/write head flexures. The toolbox approach and rich feature set make it ideally suited for niche applications with specialized requirements not addressed by traditional mainstream products.

Read it… Easily

Drag and drop input. A wide variety of inputs are supported, including RS274X, GDSII, DXF, DWG and ODB++, and more. Data hierarchy is maintained for fast input and viewing.

Build it… Accurately

Phototool definition wizard allows you to visually define your phototool, eliminating the potential misinterpretation of terminology such as right reading, dark field, etc.

View it… Quickly

A first of its kind WYSIWYG phototool viewer lets you see the phototool as if you were holding it in your hands, eliminating the delays caused by vendor approval plots.

Order it… Now!

Order your phototools quickly and easily with the confidence of knowing that your photomask vendor has complete and accurate information to deliver it right the first time. Direct output is available for seamless integration with photomask vendor, Infinite Graphics.

Phototooling Toolbox Features

  • Autodesk® RealDWG Technology for reading and writing DXF/DWG files
  • A first of its kind WYSIWYG Phototool Builder & Viewer
  • Effortless Import Using Drag-and-Drop
  • Simple Navigation of Data Hierarchy with Easy-to-Use Browsing tools
  • Support for Multiple Top-Level Object
  • Powerful Inventory of Editing Tools
  • Wide Variety of Export Options
  • Built-in Phototool Ordering System for Quick, Accurate Orders
  • Redraw Speed Technology for Handling Large Data
  • Operational Analysis and Toolbox Customization Available

Input Formats


  • Count
  • List Object
  • Area Calculation


  • Hierarchical Object Browser
  • Paint/Scratch Display
  • WYSIWYG Phototool Viewing

Licensed Outputs

Licensed Editing Features

  • Fill Wafer
  • Die Serialization
  • Manage Hierarchy – flattening, deleting, renaming, and more
  • Data Optimization including chaining, conversion of zero width boundaries to polygons, leveling of polygons within polygons
  • Substitute Geometry
  • Dimensioning
  • Automation

This Product Features
Autodesk RealDWG

IGI offers PT Viewer as a free download for exploring and evaluating the capabilities of IGI’s base software.

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