IGI software products view and edit a wide variety of data formats, including RS274X data. For a free RS274X viewer, download our IGI PT Viewer to see how it works.

RS274X Data Import

Input is easy for all IGI software products, including the free download of IGI PT Viewer. Simply drag and drop RS-274X files on the IGI software icon to import them.

  • Import hierarchical data and/or flat data.
  • Typically RS274X data imports with no adjustments to any settings. However, for uncommon cases with unique parameters in the data, IGI software includes settings for handling prefixes, scaling, offsets, mirror/rotate macros, draws with complex apertures and missing G74, G75 codes for arcs.

RS274D Data Import

In the case of RS-274D – an older version of Gerber data format with a separate aperture list, input is done with drag and drop.

  • Multiple aperture lists and data sets can be imported together.
  • In case of missing or unknown apertures, IGI software runs a program that enables you to assign apertures to Dcodes in the data. This can make some legacy data usable again.

Once import is complete, take advantage of the powerful array of viewing and editing tools available, that goes beyond zooming and scrolling, to find zero width geometry, smallest geometry, calculate areas and much more. Most viewing/editing features are included with the free RS274X viewer, (IGI PT Viewer), but saving and exporting data are disabled.

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