IGI Gen Stencil Software

Accelerate Stencil Data Preparation to Increase Revenues Without Adding Resources

Take Stencil Edits Down – From Hours To Minutes!

Gen Stencil™ Software helps Stencil and EMS Contract Manufacturers dramatically accelerate data preparation to ensure solder paste stencil repeatability that results in faster delivery times, increased yields, and ultimately increased profit margin.

If you are involved in the process of solder paste stencil generation you often encounter many issues and frustrations:

  • Lengthy New Product Introduction (NPI) issues
  • Global edits done individually and manually
  • Edits are time consuming and prone to error
  • Correction and Clean-up of bad data
  • Need additional CAM operators to increase throughput
  • Multiple CAM systems required to complete job
  • Inaccurate stencils due to operator differences
  • Time spent educating, expediting and reworking.

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We Understand Your Issues

Infinite Graphics is a Precision Imaging Services bureau and have dealt with these same issues for many years. To accelerate the stencil generation process and improve your revenues and reduce costs, we created Gen Stencil to realize up to an 80% time reduction in stencil generation data preparation time.  You can now create SMT stencil and documentation layers from solder paste data, moving quickly from import, through editing, to export. Gen Stencil software will increase quality and decrease time and costs in Solder Paste Stencil design, and SMT Stencil design.

Why is Gen Stencil the Right Solution for Your Company?

Gen Stencil software utilizes an advanced Library-based architecture that continues to reduce stencil data processing time the more it is used. IGI’s unique and logical application of edit rules give you quick, consistent and diverse editing capabilities. Custom libraries of edit rules are created and stored for instant recall and guarantees consistency on subsequent jobs. CAM operators’ time is now spent on the next job rather than identifying and editing individual components.

solderpaste-example1Read in Geometry… Easily

Drag and drop input. A wide variety of inputs are supported, including RS-274X, RS-274D, DXF, DWG, GDSII, ODB++, and DPF.

Find Component Footprints… Automatically

Identify a component once, and its footprint is recognized in future jobs, at any rotation, increasing efficiency as you work.

Simple pad geometry becomes associated when identified as a component, offering a way to apply consistent, global edits.

Apply Edits… With a Click

Apply compensation edits based on your customer rules and requirements. Our full range of edits helps you get it perfect the first time.

  • Generate home plate, C-shapes, D-shapes and more — or replace apertures with existing shapes/subfigures
  • Shifting, shrinking and growing by an amount or percent
  • Independent width and length edits based on original or adjusted pads
  • Hollow outline for electroforming applications
  • Round all corners on stencil geometry
  • Set gaps for passive pairs and 2 gangs
  • Square, diamond, or round shapes for BGA cluster edits, staggered or aligned
  • Belly/ground pad edits — standard or customized with a flexible rule-based edit
  • Manual editing of the full component
  • Area Ratio/Aspect Ratio/Paste Volume calculation on the fly
  • Trim around vias accurately, consistently, automatically
  • Apply a whole set of Specifications, pairing filtered geometry with specific edits.

Save time and provide your customer with consistent edits. Let us show you a quick video of edits in real time with Gen Stencil. Or, watch an overview of the Gen Stencil process.

Stencils Are Ready… Now!

Export to a variety of standard formats such as DXF, DWG, RS-274X, GDSII, and ODB++ (flattened). Export device-ready RS-274X data for laser cutting systems like LPKF or Tannlin. Automation tools are available for scripting layouts and other data preparation for lasers.

Recognizing Components and Editing

How Are Components Found?

Identify a footprint once, by selecting its geometry. It will automatically be recognized in future jobs.

This set of components, increases efficiency and productivity as it grows.

Components are labeled graphically and linked interactively with the Solder Paste Geometry list.

Many edits can be applied to all geometry in the footprint, even when pad differences are present. Apply several Edits with a single click.

Calculate Area/Aspect ratios and Board Volume as you edit.

Gen Stencil screen features

Add quick editing flexibility and control to your toolbox with Gen Stencil, your SMT stencil software solution from Infinite Graphics. Let us show you how to increase your productivity and repeatability with Gen Stencil. 

IGI also offers PT Viewer as a free download for exploring and evaluating the capabilities of IGI’s base software.