Integrated and Front-End RIP Solutions

Do you need a RIP solution for your product?

Whether you need an integrated RIP solution for your product, or a front-end for your raster device, Infinite Graphics has a complete solution. Providing custom software solutions for data interface with raster imaging devices since 2000, IGI offers experienced and agile solutions.

Working Solutions for Raster Image Processing

Our raster image processing software has been proven in the field with OEMs, driving AOI, Inkjet, and Film Plotting Devices.

Fully Featured – We Have the RIP You Need

With a full range of options and features, our raster image processing software provides the solutions you need.

  • Available in 32 and 64 bit versions.
  • Multi-threaded processing for faster RIP.
  • Proven performance with large input data (multi-gigabyte).
  • Fast processing for both flat and hierarchical data.
  • Efficiently processes a full range of bitmap resolutions, from low to very high, without the system memory problems that plague many other systems.
  • Many input formats supported, including: DWG/DXF, MDA, RS-274 X, RS-274 D, ODB++, GDS II, and DPF.
  • Supports a wide-range of geometry, including curves, polygons with curves, polygons with islands, and more.
  • Supports stretching, scaling, rotation, and non-linear distortions of data.
  • Bitmap generation in black and white as well as 256 levels of gray.
  • Pixels can be mapped to compensate for image device accuracy.
  • Verified accuracy of rasterized geometry size and position.
  • RIP on the fly with direct output to raster devices.

Customized for You

IGI works with you to determine the best solution for your RIP needs.

  • Integrate the RIP software fully with your product, or take a front-end approach.
  • A variety of outputs are available, BMP, TIF, SUNRAS, and raw master.
  • Custom raster outputs can be created to match your application.
  • The entire input process can be configured to support a wide variety of formats.

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