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Gen Stencil Quick Edits
IGI Gen Stencil Quick Edits

IGI Gen Stencil makes stencil edits a breeze. Watch how quickly these aperture edits get done -- at any rotation!

IGI Gen Stencil Overview
IGI Gen Stencil Overview

Solder Paste Stencil creation: Easy input, quick editing, review and Done! IGI Gen Stencil makes stencil creation quick, repeatable, consistent.

IGI Tutorial 1 Intro Tour
IGI Tutorial 1: Intro Tour

Shows general operations, as well as very specific tips. You may want to watch this one again, as tip refresher, after using the software for a while.

IGI Tutorial 2 Layer List Intro
IGI Tutorial 2: Layer List Intro

Layers control many aspects of how you view and work with your data. This tutorial introduces the Layer List area and the many options it gives you.

IGI Tutorial 3 Picking Intro
IGI Tutorial 3: Picking Intro

This tutorial shows you how to use picking tools for windowing, filtering, chain picking and other picking tips.

IGI Tutorial 4 Locations Intro
IGI Tutorial 4: Locations Intro

This tutorial shows you how to select locations relative to other geometry, using grid snapping, specifying XY coordinates and other location tools and tips.

IGI Tutorial Getting Help
IGI Tutorial: Getting Help

Help when you need it. This tutorial shows several ways to get context sensitive help.

IGI Tutorial Paint Scratch Basics
IGI Tutorial: Paint Scratch Basics

Description of paint/scratch technique for constructing and displaying data with IGI software.

Tutorials with quizzes
IGI Tutorials with Quizzing

Introductory tutorials covering Intro Tour, Layer List, Picking, Locations and Help. Interactive quizzing helps reinforce important take-away points.