Who Has Time to Make Detailed Stencil Reports?

When clients require detailed reporting for stencils, it can be hard to find the time and resources to calculate the detailed data, report it nicely, and make the graphical labels which reference the report. Calculations, such as area and aspect ratios for apertures, or total volumes and areas can be tricky, leaving you open to errors.

Gen Stencil 2.10 combines customized spreadsheet reports with an Auto Label feature to create the documentation for you, with accuracy and speed.

Graphic of Gen Stencil report with Auto Label

Customize reports with your corporate branding, or use one of the report templates, as is. Adjust the reported information as you see fit, reporting only part of the job, or filtering by aperture or component type. Include as much or as little detail as you need. Tailor the reports to the job type, or to the customer, or keep them standard, facility wide.

The information in the report comes directly from the data, improving accuracy and consistency.  Report the edits applied to the apertures. Report aperture counts, dimensions, area/aspect ratios, quantities before and/or after apertures are modified. Report area and volume measurements from the data. Report aperture locations, if desired. Report any apertures which were not processed by Gen Stencil.

Callout labeling is done automatically – generating and placing the graphic callouts, as well as using the precise label references from the report. No more manually created arrows and text that must be arranged and fit into the drawing. Gen Stencil’s Auto Label does that for you, instantly. Callout references are stored on a separate graphical layer for easy show/hide, and simple updating for reorders.

Both the custom spreadsheets and labeling features offer a great deal of flexibility in settings. Report only necessary data. Once you have them set as desired, you can run them on any job, with a couple of clicks.

So don’t struggle with documentation, present accurate stencil reports to your customer with clearly labeled apertures. Show them the critical aperture information for their job, using Gen Stencil’s custom spreadsheets and Auto Label.