IGI Announces Release of v 2.10 Gen Stencil and PT

Version 2.10 of IGI’s Gen Stencil and PT software offers increased processing speed, and new ways to automate stencil edits with Specification and Filtering enhancements. Gen Stencil also offers further boosts to documentation with custom spreadsheet reporting and Auto Labeling enhancements.

Simplify other data processing with enhanced Mirror/Rotate/Scale, Polygonize Layer and other editing features. Version 2.10 also addresses industry trends toward high layer jobs. Some highlights of versions 2.00- 2.10 include:

Gen Stencil Enhancements and New Features

Solder Paste Extraction – from data on the Signal and Solder Mask layers.

Match original geometry corners (rounded or chamfered), for edits that change or adjust aperture shapes.

Shape change edits with corner matching.

Named Non-Parametric Edits and Named Full Edits provide new aperture editing functions. Run a series of commands (log file) to perform an edit, or replace geometry with a post file.

Spreadsheet Reports of Stencil Data – create custom or standard reports directly from the job data.

– Filter data for reports, as desired.
– Includes actual counts, Area/Aspect ratios, volumes, areas, and much more, calculated from the job. Read More >>

IGI Announces Release of v 9.10 ParCAM EXT

We are pleased to announce the 9.10 release of the ParCAM EXT Family of Products.

This version looks to the future as we increase processing speed, simplify your processes with Auto Label and Mirror/Rotate/Scale enhancements, and address industry trends toward high layer jobs. Some highlights of version 9.10 include:

High Layer Count — Editing supports up to 999 manufacturing layers, for a total of 1022 unique graphical layers.

Netlist Extract and Adjacency Calculation Speed Enhancements — Testing showed these processes ran 2.4 to 4.2 times faster than 9.00, depending upon the data. Read More >>

Who Has Time to Make Detailed Stencil Reports?

When clients require detailed reporting for stencils, it can be hard to find the time and resources to calculate the detailed data, report it nicely, and make the graphical labels which reference the report. Calculations, such as area and aspect ratios for apertures, or total volumes and areas can be tricky, leaving you open to errors.

Gen Stencil 2.10 combines customized spreadsheet reports with an Auto Label feature to create the documentation for you, with accuracy and speed.

Graphic of Gen Stencil report with Auto Label

Customize reports with your corporate branding, or use one of the report templates, as is. Adjust the reported information as you see fit, reporting only part of the job, or filtering by Read More >>

A Better Way to Edit Stencil Apertures to Customer Spec.

Build an edit specification.

Do you make the same aperture edit over and over again? Recalculating for each case and each rotation? In each job?

We think there is a better way. More than just one better way.

In 2015, Gen Stencil made it easy to apply consistent edits to apertures by rule, using their unique component footprints to apply edits automatically. But sometimes your edit schemes are more broad. For example, change all 0402s to a homeplate, reduce width and length, and radius the corners. Or set pad widths for all fine pitch ICs to 45% of their pitches.

IGI added a feature called Specifications to handle edits just this way: applying sets of edits to groups of features.Edits are applied according to your spec., on the whole stencil, consistently and at any rotation. Read More >>

9.00 ParCAM EXT Release Speeds Up Your Work Flow

Automatically create and place callout labels for the features you pick in a job. Find zero width geometry in a job, report findings interactively and zoom to the locations as you step through the report. These are a couple of the new editing features of IGI’s 9.00 version of ParCAM and EXT products.  This version has  over 30 enhancements including Windows® 10 support for 32 and 64-bit systems, and AutoCAD®  2018 support for input/output using AutoDesk RealDWG® technology.   Read More >>

IGI Decreases Processing Time and Improves Handling with Gen Stencil Version 1.44

The use of CDR16 Technology, combined with advanced internal program development, has significantly improved the speed of operations in areas such as reading in data, Area Calculation, Generate Soldermask Expose, Generate Solder Paste Stencil and Component Server Startup. While improvements vary by system processor types and the process being run, early time tests showed speeds improved 30% -200%. Read More >>

Infinite Graphics Launches Stensys Software Platform

Minneapolis, MN February 12, 2015 – Infinite Graphics Incorporated (IGI) announced today they have launched the Stensys™ Software Platform that enables Solder Stencil Manufacturers and Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) companies to accelerate their stencil generation process, improve revenues, and reduce costs.  In many cases, IGI customers have realized up to an 80% time reduction in stencil generation data preparation and documentation.


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